The White Hostess

The Mt Kanamo Expedition by Spiti United is an adrenaline packed experience and a must for all trekking enthusaists. Mt Kanmo trek is the most ideal way to enjoy a 6000 mt high altitude experience with a relatively relaxed difficulty level and short span of time.

This white peak towers at 20,000 ft above sea level and is one of the highest peaks in Spiti Valley. It is located behind Kibber, a small village in Spiti Valley and also the 3rd highest village in the world.

Popularly known as the “White Hostess”, the name Kanamo is derived from two words ‘Ka’ and ‘Namo’ meaning white or auspicious and the latter meaning hostess or lady. This particular mountain is considered to be a good omen by the locals living in this region and is supposed to be a symbol of great auspicious karma.


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