The Ghost Cat

The upper reaches of the Spiti Mountains are home to the most elusive big cat in the world- the snow leopard. The beautiful, regal animal, identifiable by its thick fur and long, fluffy tail lives in solitude in caves and dens for the majority of the year. Lucky for us, this endangered feline can be spotted in the Kibber National Park during winter months, when they come out of their habitats for the warmth of the sunlight.

The Spiti United Snow Leopard Expedition is the only service in India that offers an intimate experience with this endangered feline where tourists can get up close and personal with it, right in its untouched and natural environment. The 13 day expedition takes you to the high altitude village of Kibber for this wildlife adventure, where our trained and well equipped expedition team has an experience of more than 6 years and a snow leopard sighting success rate of 100% till present.


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