Home Away from Home

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” With our cultural package, we invite you to come experience the Spiti way of life for twelve days.

Put on the shoes of the locals and live as they do. With this package, journey to the monasteries, farms, homes and villages that are dear to the people of Spiti, and learn about their lifestyle. Through interactive activities like meeting monks, meditating, spending a day on a farm, brewing alcohol the local way, grazing cattle and a homestay with one of the locals, absorb the culture that surrounds you.

This also includes a visit to many of the key attractions and marvels of Spiti such as the ancient Gompas of Ki, Dhankar, and Tabo, the riverside town of Kaza, the village of Kibber, on the fringes of the magnificent Kibber Widlife Sanctuary, Komic, the highest motorable village in the world and HH Dalai lamas’ personal favorite camping ground at Tashigang.


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