Spiti United

Hidden away in the upper reaches of eastern Himachal Pradesh lays our trans Himalayan paradise destination – Spiti United. Pristine and untouched in it’s essence, Spiti valley is a winter desert that is the pinnacle of serenity and a vivid taste of Mother Nature at its best. Long arid mountain sides with snow clad tops stretching for infinite miles, spiraling narrow roads alongside the gushing Spiti river and unbelievably breathtaking vistas that leave you not only mesmerized but at an utter lack of words. For anyone with an appetite for adventure, it is indeed an almost irresistible temptation. Spiti Valley is void of flocking hordes of tourist mobs and has its sanctity intact which in turn provides a serene and intimate tryst with Mother Nature unlike none other. The peculiar calm through out the valley is almost overwhelming complimented by a peaceful ring of silence that is impossible to find in the urban hustle bustle. In it’s entirety, it is a liberating experience which nourishes firstly, the soul and the mind, and then (of course) the DSLRs, Facebooks, Instagram, Snapchats and whatever other entities of today’s social – virtual world you prefer.

Spiti United has a myriad selection of services and activities that we offer and have something for each and every palette – exclusive snow leopard expeditions, high altitude treks, leisure retreats, high – on – adrenaline motorcycle tours, cycle marathons, monastery visits and enriching cultural stays. Our key focus is providing fulfilling experiences that cultivate and nurture the genuine traveller spirit and give our tribe memories that will be cherished forever.