Spiti United

    1. Trekking
      1. Mt Kanamo
        This white peak towers at 20,000 ft above sea level and is one of the highest peaks in Spiti Valley. It is located behind Kibber, a small village in Spiti Valley and also the 3rd highest village in the world. Mt Kanmo trek is the most ideal way to enjoy a 6000 mt high altitude experience and lasts for about 3-5 days depending upon weather conditions.Popularly known as the “White Hostess”, the name Kanamo is derived from two words ‘Ka’ and ‘Namo’ meaning white or auspicious and the latter meaning hostess or lady. This particular mountain is considered to be a good omen by the locals living in this region and is supposed to be a symbol of great auspicious karma.
      2. Parang La
        One of the most popular trekking packages, the parang La climb takes the travelers over the 18,300 ft pass of Parang La to the neighboring valleys of Leh Ladakh. It is the most famous trek of Spiti with it’s trek route starting from kibber village and running towards Korzoke village of the magnificent Tso Morrori Lake. Takling la is a high altitude mountain pass located at a height of 5575m parallel to Parangla Pass and is the general route taken by trekkers. In June and July the temperatures get slightly warm with the receding snow line, giving way to grasslands and a beautiful campsite with flower blooms.The classic trans Himalayan trek traces back to the trade route between Spiti, Changthang and Tibet. The trek route is known for it’s spectacular views of snow-clad peaks, rivers and flower blooms.
      3. Bha Bha Pass Trek
        Bhaba Pass is an extensive trek, starting from Spiti region and finishing at Kafnoo in Kinnaur after crossing Bhabha Pass at 4640 m. The Bhabha valley is well known for its picturesque and magnificent surroundings, dense forests and lush green flower strewn meadows.The trek starts from Kinnaur which has lush green fields, and finishes in barren winter desert of Spiti, with a stark contrast in the Landscape. It makes way through apple orchards and winsome wooded area to complete the Bhabha Pass trek, where you can soak in the sights of the Pin – Parvati Pass. It takes you through the pristine meadows of Mulling and Khara, which presents the traveler a complete new visual experience. This is one of the most picturesque valley in the Himalayas and is a visual treat during the flowering season. This is slightly a long trek, which involves climbing a high altitude pass. The first part is a comfortable stroll along the Bhabha River, followed by a steep climb through Cedar forests witnessing some amazing Himalayan flora along the way.
      4. Pin Paravati
        The Pin Parvati trek is a treat for seasoned trekkers. It is the shortest route over the mountains between the valleys of Spiti and Kullu. It is a 100 km long journey with non –stop thrills for those who seek adventure. It gives the trekkers an experience of a zillion landscapes innumerable breath taking views. It is only recommended for people with earlier trekking experience as it is a challenging trek. It shows you the lush green meadows and fields in Kullu and the barren and rugged winter dessert of Spiti with high rising snow cald peaks all along the way.


    1. Motorcycle Tours
      The Spiti United Motor Cycle Diaries Tour is a one-of-a-kind riding escapade that will tantalize one’s appetite for adventure. Meticulously crafted for bike enthusiasts, the tour takes you through the pristine and untouched valleys of Spiti and Lahaul offering an unparalleled experience. The exciting journey starts in Manali and takes you through Rohtang Pass and Kunzum La amidst icy mountains, lush green landscapes and eventually to the winter desert terrain of Spiti via one the most scenic roads in the whole wide world. The tour includes enthralling rides to several key places and attractions in the valleys of Spiti, Pin & Lahaul like the world famous Chandratal lake, the ancient monasteries at Dhankar, Tabo, Komic, Kungri and Ki, high altitude mountain villages of Mud, Kibber, Hikkim and Langza and camp outs at Tashigang surrounded by snow clad peaks and breath taking vistas all the while. The tour offers a premium and exclusive biking experience that one will cherish forever.


    1. Snow Leopard Expeditions
      Snow Leopards are the most elusive of the big cats in the world. The beautiful, regal, thick furred animal stays in solitude and is only found in a few cold regions in the winter
      . The Spiti United Snow Leopard Expedition is the only service in the entire world that offers an intimate experience with the highly endangered feline in it’s untouched habitat and natural environment. The 13-day expedition takes you to the high altitude village of Kibber for the wildlife adventure, while also showing some other sights of pristine Spiti. Our trained and well-equipped expedition team has an experience of more than 6 years and a sighting ratio of 100% till present.The Spiti United Snow Leopard Expedition presents an opportunity to spot, admire, study, document and photograph the magnificent and wild winter cats and is one of the most exclusive and most sought after adventure internationally.


  1. Cycle Adventures
    Spiti Valley is an unexplored paradise for cycle enthusiasts. With a multitude of trails, which skirt magnificent mountains, picturesque rivers and an out-of-this world trans Himalayan terrain, Spiti offers a unique experience indeed.
    Spiti United Cycle Adventures present a one – of – a- kind opportunity to peddle on a selection of meticulously curated high altitude roads