Day 1: Manali
Journey starts at Manali – a leisure day in the most popular destination in Himachal Pradesh. Spend your time visiting the markets, restaurants, temples and shopping.

Day 2: Manali – Kaza
Today we start our journey to Spiti Valley. Leave early morning from the hotel for Kaza, the headquarters of Spiti. The road takes you through Rohtang pass and Kunzum la and is one of the most scenic commutes in the world offering breath taking vistas of water falls, snow clad passes, lush green valleys and high rise peaks. Spend your evening resting and getting acclimatised to the environment.

Day 3: Kaza – Dhankar – Tabo
Today we leave Kaza after a good night sleep for Tabo village. On the way, visit Dhankar Monastery, the bulwark of ancient buddhist architecture and the Old Fort that sheltered the ingenious population thorough out history. After an enlightening experience in Dhankar, we continue to Tabo Monastery, the oldest in the valley. The Gompa houses a collection of ancient murals, paintings and statues and is a treat for any passionate tourist. Spend night in Tabo village.

Day 4: Tabo – Kibber
Today we leave early morning Tabo to go on to our next spot, Kibber Village. Reach Kibber by afternoon. Kibber village is surrounded by high rise peaks and gorges and is a spectacle of natural beauty. Spend your time at leisure in the village, interacting with locals, watching large hordes of mountain cattle like Ibex, Blue Sheep (Bharals), Yaks and strolling around the mountains.

Day 5 – Kibber – Tashingang
Today we leave Kibber to go to our campsite at Tashingang. The campsite is located on a green meadow with a breath taking view of Mt Kanamo (20,000 ft) and the CC Kane peaks (20,000 ft +) and is also known to be HH Dalai Lamas favourite outdoor spot in his youth. Spend the evening hiking to a 5,000 year old meditation cave located nearby.

Day 6 – Tashingang – Kibber
Today we leave Tashingang to head back to Kibber Village. Spend an easy day rejuvenating in Kibber, after a tiring camping experience.

Day 7 – Kibber – Ki – Kaza
Today we leave Kibber to go back to Kaza, visiting Ki Monastery on the way. Ki, constructed on a hill overlooking the Spiti river, is an institution by itself and the largest in the valley. Founded in the 11th century, it is a religious training centre and houses several lamas in its quarters. Ki Monastery also doubled as a fortress which survived several invasions by civilisations of antiquity. Spend night in Kaza.

Day 8 – Kaza – Hikkim – Langza – Komic – Kaza
Today leave Kaza to go visit the nearby attractions at Hikkim, Langza, and Komic. Langza is famous as a rich fossil Park. Hikkim houses the highest post office in the world and Komic is the highest motor able village in the world and also houses a monastery. Spend night in Kaza.

Day 9: Kaza – Manali
Today our Spiti Valley adventure ends. Leave for Manali early morning. Reach Manali by late afternoon and spend the evening chilling in the Hill station indulging in one of the zillion activities available in the hill station.

Day 10: Manali – Home
Bid adieu and head back home with cherished memories after an enthralling journey with us.